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YONEX Tennis Racquet ASTREL 100

YONEX Tennis Racquet ASTREL 100

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With the Astrel 100, Yonex gives beginner and intermediate players a point and shoot weapon with a very easy learning curve. At only 10.4 ounces strung, this racquet moves through contact with explosive speed, making it easier for you to generate pace and spin. It also has impressive control which translates into greater confidence when selecting ambitious targets. What separates the Astrel 100 from its competitors is a high comfort to weight ratio, making this a great racquet for the player who wants the speed of a light racquet without the high shock that typically accompanies it. This racquet's impressive comfort comes partly from the addition of a unique material called React Resin, which is a lightweight substance integrated into the graphite layup to create a more flexible and comfortable feel at impact. This racquet's plush feel also comes from its time-tested Isometric head (which elongates the cross string and enlarges the sweetspot). Additional technologies include a new technology called Quadforce Gear, which extends the string bed at the four corners to create an even softer and more powerful stringbed. On groundstrokes this racquet's raw speed and easy targeting make it especially well suited to the rising intermediate looking to play more aggressive tennis. At net the Astrel 100 comes around with remarkable ease, making it great on reaction volleys. The Astrel 100 also shines on serve where the combination of speed, spin and precision will bring out your aggressive side. Ultimately, this is simply a great option for the rising intermediate who wants to start hitting with more pace and spin.

Head Size 100
Weight 280 g / 9.9 oz
Grip Size 1 - 3
Length 27 in.
Width Range 25.5 mm - 27.5 mm - 24 mm
Balance Point 325 mm
Material HM Graphite / Vibslayer Carbon / React Resin / VDM
Color(s) Mint
Recommended String REXIS COMFORT
Stringing Pattern 16 x 18
Stringing Advice 40 - 55 lbs
Made In Japan
Item Code 03AST100
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