It is our sincere request that everyone uses our products in a safe manner to prevent injury.

This page will let you know how to use Yonex products in the safest manner possible.  

Choosing the Right Product for You

Racquets (Badminton And Tennis)

It is important for players to choose racquets made for their level of physical strength and play style. Using racquets made for a target audience different from one’s own can often result in injuries.

If you are unsure about which racquet is the best for you, please consult your local Yonex retailer.

Junior Tennis Racquets

When using junior racquets, please be sure to use balls suitable for junior racquets. Playing with balls unsuitable for use with junior racquets can result in injury.

Shoes (Badminton And Tennis)

It is important that players choose shoes that fit the shape of their feet. People have a variety of different foot shapes, ranging from varying widths, thickness, and even the shape of one’s toes. Factors such as width differences and the use of different parts in different shoes can affect the way a shoe feels when worn.

Wearing shoes that do not match the shape of your feet is a prime cause of injury. As such, we request that our customers take care to try on shoes at their local Yonex retailer before making a purchase.

Check Your Gear Before Use

Damage or wear to equipment from everyday use is a source of injury. Before use, please carry out the following checks on your equipment. Please also refer to the manual attached to your Yonex product.

Racquets (Badminton And Tennis)

Before using a Yonex badminton or tennis racquet, please make sure that there are no cracks or any other irregularities on the shaft, frame and grip. Use of a damaged racquet can result in injury.

Grip: Check for wear on your grip. Examples of wear on the grip include the grip becoming slippery or the actual grip material becoming rubbed away. Using a worn out grip can cause the racquet to fly out of one’s hands and result in injury to one’s self or others.

Grommet: Check for wear on the grommets. Worn out grommets can damage strings and allows them to break easily.

Pre-Use Check (Badminton Racquets Only)

  • Firmly hold racquet grip in one hand and frame in the other. Twist the grip 2 or 3 times while preventing the frame from turning to determine if there is an issue with connection between the frame and the shaft.
  • Similarly, flex and twist shaft to determine any damage to the shaft.

Shoes (Badminton And Tennis)

Check shoes for any damage and foreign objects inside of the shoes, such as sharp objects, sand, etc.

Insole: The insole is not attached with glue and can be taken out by hand. For instance, if the heel counter breaks, it can enter the shoe and damage one’s ankles or heels.

Outsole: Check to see if the outsole has not hardened or deteriorated. This can cause users to slip easily and injure themselves.  

Shoelaces: The condition of one’s feet changes by the day. Please be sure to adjust your shoelaces with every use to make sure your shoes fit comfortably. Also, make sure that the shoelaces have not deteriorated.